• Data Center Facility for EHR
  • Public Safety and Maintenance Facilities
  • Solar Energy System Installation

The Volta Regional Hospital Complex, an Out4Good Global Community project, is a 150-acre, $300 million U.S. Dollar, multi-use medical complex in development located in the Municipality of Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana (the "Complex").  Its existing 240-bed Volta Regional Hospital serves more than 100,000 patients a year and plans for a new 600-bed teaching hospital extension are being finalized. The Volta Regional Hospital is a “feeder” hospital providing specialized services for the more than 30 district hospitals and clinics in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Developing the Complex includes the upgrading of its infrastructure including new water and wastewater treatment systems, municipal waste, solar, and telecommunications. Additionally, hundreds of housing units and the construction of a hotel and mini-conference center are underway.  Also being implemented at the Complex is a coordinated electronic healthcare records management system for the Volta Regional Hospital and its "feeder hospitals."

Out4Good's Think Positive Initiatives are designed to maximize positive social impacts in our host communities. Every Global Community project is tailored to specific community, regional, and national socioeconomic and cultural contexts. This focus increases positive outcomes for targeted populations, while at the same time avoiding a “top-down” approach that disregards national or local identities and preferences.​

Out4Good has several of its Global Community projects underway in the United States and in emerging markets such as Africa.  As part of our Think Positive Initiatives, Out4Good has entered into long-term concession agreements for the implementation and deployment of the CLODS System™, a fully-integrated EHR solution. The need for state-of-the-art, cost-effective, scalable electronic healthcare records, management, and billing system for healthcare facilities in underserved areas are long overdue. Out4Good is implementing the CLODS System™ into a comprehensive, interconnected system for participating hospitals and clinics.

Additionally, one of the most important components of Out4Good’s Global Community developments is "affordable housing." Through the use of innovative approaches, our team, consisting of some of the leading experts in affordable housing solutions, is expanding the urgently needed supply of affordable housing by combining our socially responsible and impactful mission with private enterprise.

Project Highlights:

  • Student and Faculty Housing
  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Office Suites and Storage Facilities
  • Hotel with Mini-Conference & Training Center

Project Highlights:

  • Diagnostic Center
  • Doctor and Staff Housing
  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Office Suites and Storage Facilities 
  • Hotel with Mini-Conference & Training Center
  • Solar Energy System Installation

CLODS System™ Advantages:

  • Data Secured en continent
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Healthcare Facility Management
  • No Capital Outlays for Startup, Operation and System Maintenance
  • Failover & Disaster Recovery

The need for state-of-the-art, cost-effective, integrated electronic healthcare records, management, and billing system (“EHR”) solutions for healthcare facilities in Ghana, and in particular the Volta Region, is long overdue. Inefficiencies in infrastructure, technology, and communication are major issues that prevent the administering of successful healthcare treatment to the inhabitants of the Volta Region. With a population of more than 2 million, Volta Region’s healthcare facilities still rely on paper-based medical records and outdated medical software systems.

Out4Good and the University of Health and Allied Sciences entered into long-term concession agreements encompassing the implementation and deployment of the CLODS System™, a proprietary, first-to-market electronic healthcare records, management, and billing system that utilizes a closed-loop data storage facility en continent.

The CLODS System™ can be utilized by hospitals and clinics in the Volta Region, and their patients from the neighboring countries of Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. These healthcare facilities have a healthcare market area that encompasses more than 5 million people.

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The University of Health and Allied Sciences has embarked on one of the most ambitious development projects in the history of West Africa. The Government of Ghana has allocated 702 acres of land in the Municipality of Ho for this multi-dimensional microcosm of educational excellence, with a state-of-the-art environment. This forward-looking socially responsible initiative has been designed and built from the ground up and is emerging as a multi-hundred million dollar Global Community.

Out4Good has long-term commitments to the University to provide various services and solutions for it as this Global Community unfolds. It is implementing a pilot project at the University’s Ho Campus to address the University’s long- and short-term needs regarding domestic and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. The pilot project will resolve many issues regarding compliance with environmental regulations and laws because it is being constructed to comply with national and international standards.

Out4Good is also pairing with the University to develop hotels, student and staff housing, storage and office facilities, food service facilities, and training facilities. The facilities will support the University’s academic staff, student employees, service providers, and much of the surrounding population.

At the same time, Out4Good is assisting the University in developing and launching student curricula for educational programs to train students in operating these new facilities. These curricula include hospitality, food services, facility management and medical facility-related training.

In effectuating Out4Good’s Affordable Housing Initiatives in the United States, Out4Good accumulated metadata, prepared reports and development plans, constructed financial models, and identified initial development properties.

Out4Good intends to participate in affordable housing unit developments in urban centers throughout the United States. Out4Good’s Affordable Housing Initiatives seek to meet the significant and growing need for affordable, quality housing options in major metropolitan markets by acquiring, preserving, and enriching housing for the underserved in these communities.

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