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Transformation to the Post-Carbon Age

Through the use of innovative approaches, our team, consisting of some of the leading experts in affordable housing solutions, is expanding the urgently needed supply of affordable housing by combining our socially responsible and impactful mission with private enterprise.

To accomplish the mission of its Affordable Housing Initiatives, Out4Good is establishing strategic partnerships with for-profit, socially-responsible funding partners who can pair their capital with Out4Good's specific projects that generate measurable social impact along with an entrepreneurial-financial return. In doing so, Out4Good gains access to conventional financing sources that a non-profit organization may not have. Out4Good believes that it is important for each of its projects to generate profits as they serve a very important underlying social impact purpose thereby making these Global Community developments sustainable in the long-term.

The cornerstone of Out4Good’s Think Positive Initiatives is its tolerance, technology, and infrastructure based Global Community model for hospital complexes, educational facilities, and town centers in developing metropolitan areas including small cities, towns, and villages.

Out4Good’s Global Community projects utilize best practice principles in sustainability, master planning, infrastructure, and real estate development to create smart, sustainable, and environmentally and economically viable developments to serve the ever-increasing global populations. By mentoring and pairing various organizations, educational institutions, and socially-responsible businesses, Out4Good is playing a leading role in the complex process of creating transformative living environments and guiding the expansion of new and re-envisioned developments in areas of population density – focusing on educational institutions, hospital complexes, and town centers.

With Jack Donson, a nationally recognized criminal justice expert as its executive director, Out4Good’s evidence-based research and analysis generates various studies to improve policy and decision-making processes relating to the ever-expanding incarceration of America, and to a global-wide crisis in prison population and conditions. Together with its Executive Director, Out4Good has refined a seminal concept, the Comprehensive Sanctions Center, to help bridge the gap between the current, out-of-control incarceration policies that are especially prevalent in the United States, and an ideal rehabilitative system that provides true restorative justice.

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Positive Accomplishments by Government

Think Positive Middle East

Out4Good mentors and pairs other organizations as our global populations are transformed into the new Post-Carbon Age.

Out4Good is identifying and globally disseminating positive accomplishments by specific governments and their leaders as they relate to the balance between the "rule of law" and "human rights."

Out4Good is developing a framework to address specific issues affecting the basic infrastructure of the region.

Out4Good has focused heavily on Think Positive Initiatives based in Africa, and with good reason.  In global population, Africa is now the fastest growing continent in the world.  It includes in it some of the world’s fastest growing economies, but economies that are still hampered by lack of infrastructure.   Urbanization is proceeding at a rapid rate in Africa.  By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will reside in urban areas and 90% of this growth will occur in Africa and Asia - particularly in Africa.  The majority of these urban dwellers reside in settlements of fewer than 500,000 - small cities, towns, and villages located in lower middle income and low income countries where urbanization is fastest. (World Urbanization Prospects, United Nations, 2014.)

Out4Good is now implementing Global Community projects in West Africa.  More than five years ago, Out4Good demographically selected Ghana as the country in which to launch its initial Global Community projects.  Out4Good has spent the past two years developing Global Community Development Plans for several projects in Ghana. We have expended substantial capital and resources with the strategic partners whom we have identified for these specific projects. 

Two Out4Good Global Community projects  are underway in West Africa at the Volta Regional Hospital Complex and the University of Health and Allied Sciences, both in the Volta Region of Ghana.

>> View our Global Community Development Plan for the Volta Regional Hospital Complex

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