Social Impact

Out4Good's Think Positive Initiatives are designed to maximize positive social impacts in our host communities. Every Global Community project is tailored to specific community, regional, and national socioeconomic and cultural contexts. This focus increases positive outcomes for targeted populations, while at the same time avoiding a “top-down” approach that disregards national or local identities and preferences.​

Out4Good and its paired and mentored entities will guide the expansion of new and re-envisioned small cities, towns, and villages in order to develop communities that will provide basic utilities, transportation structure, infrastructure, all while maximizing social impacts including job opportunities, education, and healthcare for inhabitants who are otherwise disenfranchised within their current living environments.

Clean, renewable energy through methods such as solar technology will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of Global Community developments. The reduction in power cost frees up other funds for other critical expenditures.

Job creation is one of the driving forces behind Out4Good’s Think Positive Initiatives. For example, the Volta Regional Hospital Complex Global Community project features a Healthcare & Hospitality Facility Training Program and Course Curriculum as part of its development plan. This program will train individuals in the skilled and unskilled support services necessary to manage and maintain the multi-million dollar healthcare and hospitality facilities being constructed at a rapid pace across Africa.

Wastewater Treatment

​​​​The massive need for modernized healthcare across the developing areas of the world is staggering. The demand to improve healthcare has allowed NGOs like Out4Good to help implement coherent, affordable, healthcare-specific solutions.

Electronic Health Records
With Out4Good’s EHR system, healthcare providers can administer treatment to populations that were once disconnected from medical facilities. The system can be used remotely, giving providers the freedom to move beyond the doors of medical offices and buildings.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the backbone of the global economy. The need for ICT infrastructure has never been greater in the developing regions of the world. ICT allows schools, hospitals, and families to interact quickly and efficiently, benefiting lives in untold ways.

Affordable Housing

The installation of modern, environmentally-sound wastewater treatment systems in key facilities such as hospitals benefit not only the facility itself, but also the surrounding community.  With clean water at their disposal, those residents will experience improved overall quality of life with a drastic reduction in diseases caused by untreated wastewater.



Job Creation

Rapid urbanization has brought to a head the need for affordable housing across the world. As regions become more urbanized, the private sector can help governments meet the critical need for affordable housing. Out4Good, with its mentored and paired strategic partners, designs and implements affordable housing developments to meet the affordable housing needs of each host community with constructions such as apartments, flats, and hostels.