Marjorie Abalos

Marjorie Abalos is the Chair of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Out4Good Ltd. Ms. Abalos is a social entrepreneur who has made it her “mission in life” to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved communities throughout the world. (Click on Choosing a Mission in Life to view her recent talk that was released by the global TED organization.) 

Ms Abalos is also CEO, Founder, and Board Chair of CLODS Inc. She created the CLODS System™ as a solution that improves the delivery of healthcare services more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in underserved communities. Ms. Abalos has held senior management positions and played key roles at software and renewable energy firms both for Global 500 companies and startups, and has a life-long history of being engaged in public service and social justice projects. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and has led engagements developing process improvement plans which have empowered millions of disenfranchised, underserved, and marginalized people throughout the world transform into the Information Age. 

Prior to the formation of Out4Good, Ms. Abalos was Co-Chair of The Committee for World Peace (“TCWP”) which in 2013 became Out4Good in order to more accurately address TCWP’s expanding role in its global “Think Positive Initiatives.” TCWP focused its efforts by assisting causes and organizations such as the United Nations in their promotion of World Peace. In 2006, at a 60th anniversary of the United Nations event at the UN headquarters in New York, Ms. Abalos presented, on behalf of the United States, a commissioned-for-the-event oil painting by the world famous Brazilian artist Ferjo, delivered a personal-mantra “Believe in Infinite Possibilities” speech, and debuted her book Observations from Afar depicting her photographs of indigenous people from more than 30 countries. (Click onBelieve in Infinite Possibilities to view her speech and presentation at the United Nations.)

Under her leadership, Ms. Abalos was instrumental in the deployment of the first ATM networks in Vietnam and in addressing public and industrial environmental remediation issues in China. More than 20 years ago, she began her career working in various web development capacities for several Internet startups in web hosting, media, and advertising industries after earning her degree in biomedical/biochemical engineering from the University of Southern California (“USC”). At USC, Ms. Abalos worked on various groundbreaking projects utilizing new at the time biomedical imaging techniques. She worked on a functional MRI (fMRI) project involving studies of the human brain under the mentorship of Dr. Manbir Singh, a global pioneer in biomedical imaging technology who conducted the first studies in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Mr. Singh was founder and director of the Neuroimaging core at USC, which develops new methodology in fMRI and DTI. With Dr. Singh’s recommendation, Ms. Abalos participated in a project for Dr. Adrian Raine, the internationally recognized expert on the neurobiological and biosocial causes of antisocial and violent behavior in children and adults. With such mentoring, she was able to participate in, and contribute to, projects that utilized new biomedical imaging to detect the predisposition for criminal behavior in children.

​Ms. Abalos has a life-long history of being engaged in public service projects such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the international coed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega where she served as president of her chapter at the University of Southern California, Amnesty International, as well as volunteering at hospitals, convalescent centers, and schools.

Jack T. Donson

Jack Donson, Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors of Out4Good Ltd., is a nationally recognized criminal justice policy expert who has held for more than two decades various positions within the United States Department of Justice’s federal prison system in case management capacities; specifically classification, designations, and correctional programs. During his tenure of office, he experienced various correctional environments at the institutional, regional, and central office levels. During his service with the U.S. Government, Mr. Donson acted as an instructor and mentor for familiarizing and orientating new case managers and counselors. He received various awards and was recognized nationally for his achievements. He also acted as a liaison for the U.S. Parole Commission, U.S. Marshal Service, the FBI, and ICE.  

Mr. Donson holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. He is a Lecturer at Marywood University. Mr. Donson is also Director of Case Management and Programs for FedCURE, a nonprofit international organization advocating criminal justice reform. He serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association ("ABA") Standing Sub-Committee on Federal Bureau of Prisons Policy.  He also serves on the Corrections Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ("NACDL").  In addition, he has an active involvement in several national reform workgroups which address reentry, prison reform, and collateral consequences.

John Thomas
John Thomas, PhD, is the Strategic Planning Advisor to Out4Good Ltd. Dr. Thomas brings innovative leadership and expertise to Out4Good. Dr. Thomas co-founded Genelux, a 15-year old clinical stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncolytic virotherapy, which he successfully grew and remains a director. He has spent his career as Dean of the Zapara School of Business and Bashir Hasso Professor of Entrepreneurship at La Sierra University where he spearheads fundraising efforts. He continues to champion global service and social entrepreneurship amongst his students and has led them to numerous Enactus championships. Established in 1922 in Riverside, California, La Sierra University is nationally acclaimed for its diverse campus and its service to others, offering a transformational experience for its students. The Wall Street Journal named La Sierra University the most diverse university in the United States. La Sierra University is part of a global community of universities, including Loma Linda Medical Center, that have provided for more than a 100 years a rich tradition of service carried out by thousands of employees, students, and graduates in more than 150 countries.  La Sierra University provides more than 120 bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, is a Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Institution, and has been the recipient of the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll program, an award that recognized La Sierra’s students for providing nearly 45,000 hours of community service. ​

Dr. Thomas has been a member of La Sierra’s faculty for almost 30 years and heads the Zapara School of Business as dean since 1999, continually redefining the school’s mission to incorporate a focus on global service and entrepreneurial creativity by identifying distinctive market niches ideally suited to the school’s traditions, commitments, and capacities. He is an effective administrator, teacher, and scholar.

Dr. Thomas is also a board member of other public service and impactful organizations such as ADRA International; KSGN Good News Radio; and LLBN, a 20-year-old global broadcasting network that provides a variety of programming in multiple languages via its seven networks -- LLBN English, Chinese, Southern Asia, Latino, Arabic, Korean, and Smart Lifestyle TV reaching more than 135 countries on every inhabitable continent via satellite, Internet, IPTV, cable, and low and high power TV stations. 

Dr. Thomas has championed innovative academic and co-curricular programming including centers for philanthropy, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship and the TransResearch Consortium for which he is a founding director. TransResearch Consortium is an innovative initiative designed to help businesses and government officials manage the impending shifts in global influence caused by changing demographics and tectonic plate shifts in power and relationships among the United States, China, India, and the EU which are shaping the future. It anticipates roadblocks to cooperation among these countries while also identifying opportunities for investment, trade, and reciprocal relationships.

Dr. Thomas’ research work and publications include: The Demographic & Economic Consequences of Conflict; Global Transitions in What Lies Ahead? Debating the Prospects for a 'Post-American World'; Saving the Next Generation: Political Economy of Infant Mortality Decline in India's States; Asymmetric Volatility of the Real GDP? Some Comparative Evidence from an Emerging Economy (South Africa) and Industrialized Countries (Canada, United States and Japan); The Falsification of Four Popular Hypotheses about the Asian Crisis; Nominal Exchange Rate Volatility and Business Cycle: Evidence from South Africa; Risk Behavior in Loan Decision Making; and Making Relationships Matter: Director Interlocks and Fortune 500 Performance, 1996–2007. Dr. Thomas holds a doctorate in political economy from Claremont Graduate University.   

Edward R. Sechrest, Jr.

Edward Sechrest, Jr., a Director of Out4Good Ltd., is an internationally known solution provider for environmental issues related to oil and gas, renewable energy, and domestic and industrial wastewater.  He has operated offices in the United States and the People's Republic of China including a treatment storage and disposal facility for RCRA waste with a staff of 200. 

Mr. Sechrest  also has had oversight of remediation of hazardous waste sites for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Defense Reutilization Marketing Services in the states of Hawaii and Alaska and in several countries including the Philippines, Panama, Canada, and Mexico.  He was responsible for the proper movement, disposal, and treatment of TSCA and RCRA waste owned by the U.S. Government.  Currently, Mr. Sechrest is a consultant to, or represents, several major global companies including engineering firms working with refineries and large oil companies throughout the United States and in other countries.

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