Out4Good Ltd. is a New York City based nonprofit, non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that as a global research institute mentors, pairs, and helps improve the policy and decision-making processes of other NGOs, intergovernmental organizations (“IGOs”), educational institutions, socially-responsible businesses, and government policymakers to ensure that their processes address the shifting needs of Earth’s rapidly increasing populations. In addressing these issues, Out4Good's efforts are focused on how “those who govern” the world's populations are applying an ever-changing “peaceful” balance between the “rule of law” and “human rights.” The directors, staff, and strategic partners of Out4Good collectively have hundreds of years of experience working globally with government policymakers, NGOs, IGOs, socially-responsible businesses, and educational institutions.

Basic and Applied Research

In effectuating its mission, Out4Good conducts both basic and applied research utilizing evidence-based analyses and produces reports and studies based on rigorous, systematic, and objective thought and procedures to obtain reliable and valid knowledge or data about activities, programs, and policies. This data must be adequate to test and to justify any final conclusions or recommendations for policy, programs, or projects that generate measurable social impact.

Studies and reports based on fact-based analysis of reliable evidence give policymakers confidence in their decisions; their policies and projects are better informed, more effective and less expensive than otherwise.  Rigorous, evidence-based analysis helps secure project funding and other resources, and allows for greater accountability.  It also informs risk assessment and program management, greatly reducing the chances of policy or project failure.

Implementation Planning

Achieving positive outcomes requires the capacity to put a designed program or policy into place.  Therefore, Out4Good deliverables also set forth detailed implementation plans that are based on the existing, concrete realities faced by our stakeholders.  Our plans are successful because our studies recognize that to be effective, any design process must intentionally be, from the beginning, a redesign process. Using solid metadata as the basis of our analysis allows us to generate models that can be easily replicated and scalable to accommodate differing environments. We quickly replicate successful outcomes. 

Strategic Partnering

​Out4Good pairs with a wide range of globally renowned, socially-responsible strategic partners with diverse expertise.  These relationships allow us to quickly produce specific, detailed implementation plans that draw on state-of-the-art practices and technologies.  Having this range of existing and diverse strategic partnerships is another factor that allows us to replicate and scale models for fast-track outcomes.

Marjorie Abalos

Ms. Abalos is the Chair of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Out4Good Ltd. Ms. Abalos is a social entrepreneur who has made it her “mission in life” to deliver access to digital technologies to underserved communities throughout the world. (Click on Choosing a Mission in Life to view her recent talk that was released by the global TED organization.)  View More >>

Jack T. Donson

Mr. Donson, Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors of Out4Good Ltd., is a nationally recognized criminal justice policy expert who has held for more than two decades various positions within the United States Department of Justice’s...  View More >>

John Thomas, PhD.

Dr. Thomas is the Strategic Planning Advisor to Out4Good Ltd. Dr. Thomas brings innovative leadership and expertise to Out4Good. Dr. Thomas co-founded Genelux, a 15-year old clinical stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncolytic virotherapy, which he successfully grew...   View More >>

Edward R. Sechrest, Jr.

Mr. Sechrest, a Director of Out4Good Ltd., is an internationally known solution provider for environmental issues related to oil and gas, renewable energy, and domestic and industrial wastewater. He has operated offices in the United States and the People's Republic of China...  View More >>

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