Schmoozing with the Stars™

​As one of Out4Good’s initiatives, Board Chair and Co-founder Marjorie Abalos created Schmoozing with the Stars™ to bring motivational speakers to themed events advancing both “individual and community wellness” as part of her mission in life to improve the delivery of healthcare.  Click on the “view media” button below for a video news clip of the Relay For Life Topping $200,000 Event”hosted by Ms. Abalos for the American Cancer Society with featured “schmoozer” Pat Mahomes Sr., former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Twins, Mets, Red Sox, Pirates, Rangers, and Cubs, and the father of Patrick Mahomes, 2018 NFL Most Valuable Player.

Addressing the event, Ms. Abalos said “Cancer has no national boundaries. It is the leading cause of death across the globe.  In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are more than 600,000 cancer related deaths annually.”

Global Community Gold Value Chain™

In addition to Out4Good’s initiatives to improve population health such as the CLODS System™ and Schmoozing with the Stars™, another endeavor we undertook a decade ago was our Global Community Gold Value Chain™ initiative.

The mission of the Global Community Gold Value Chain™ initiative is to create and maintain, in concert with a small group of mission-aligned social enterprises and organizations, a gold value chain generating measurable, large-scale social impact. One of the initial objectives of this mission is to reduce the number of stakeholders in the gold value chain thereby establishing a fully transparent and compliant, traceable, reasonably-risk-free, and ethical value chain connecting a mining community directly with the refinery, depository, manufacturer, administrative support, distribution network, marketing channels, and then the ultimate domestic or international acquirers of the gold.

Out4Good Ltd. is a New York City based nonprofit, non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that as a global research institute mentors, pairs, and helps improve the policy and decision-making processes of other NGOs, intergovernmental organizations (“IGOs”), educational institutions, socially-responsible businesses, and government agencies and policymakers to ensure that their processes address the shifting needs of Earth’s rapidly increasing populations. The directors, staff, and strategic partners of Out4Good collectively have hundreds of years of experience working globally with government agencies and policymakers, NGOs, IGOs, socially-responsible businesses, and educational institutions.

The cornerstone of Out4Good’s Think Positive Initiatives is its tolerance, technology, and infrastructure based model that envisions a Global Community where all humans benefit from sustainable infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. This model addresses globally the many challenges that face underserved, disenfranchised, and marginalized populations.

Out4Good has Global Community projects underway that encompass infrastructure, sector-specific value chains, affordable housing, and development of educational and healthcare facilities including its active participation in deployments of the CLODS System™, a regional health information exchange platform that has an integrated suite of network-enabled e-health services that facilitates the delivery of healthcare more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in developing countries, generating large-scale, measurable social impact.   Read More >>

Out4Good Initiatives

Global Community 


View a message from our co-founder Marjorie Abalos on "Choosing a Mission in Life" relating to e-health that was released by the TED organization. 

The need for electronic healthcare records, management, and billing systems ("EHR") is long overdue for hospitals and healthcare facilities in underserved communities throughout the world.

Inefficiencies in infrastructure, technology, and communication are major issues that prevent the administering of successful healthcare treatment to the more than one billion people inhabiting Africa. Most of the world's underserved communities' healthcare facilities still rely on paper-based medical records and outdated EHR software systems. 

As part of our e-Health Initiatives,
Out4Good has fostered the deployment of the CLODS System™.